​​Learn Indian arts & perform with us..

          Srishti School of Indian Arts & Culture

Mixed Style is a combination of Bollywood,Classical,      

Semi-Classical, Contemporary, Folk & Fusion Dance Forms.

Let us start learning & performing different styles of Indian Dances..  

Diversities have made the Indian Dance a unique one. Like all other aspects of life, the dance forms of India are also varied and different. 

This batch is a combination of different types of Indian Dance lessons. @Srishti different teachers who are expert in different Indian Dance styles will be taking classes on a quarterly/ half yearly basis . Through this batch we are trying to give exposure to different varieties of Indian Dance styles  to our students which includes  Indian Semi- classical Dance, Bollywood/Cinematic Dance, Dance for Instrumental Music , Folk Dance &  Fusion Dance. This will help our students  to get exposure & to explore varied styles of Indian dances. And above all, this class will be good for stage shows/ talent shows & performances.