Mixed Style Indian Dance For Adults...

A combination of Bollywood,Classical,  Semi-Classical, Contemporary, Folk & Fusion Dance Forms.....
Let us start learning & performing different styles of Indian Dances..  

Mixed Style Indian Dance class is a perfect mix of  various Indian Dance forms like  Classical- Semiclassical- Contemporary- Bharatnatyam- Kathak- Odissi- Kuchupudi- Mohiniyattam-Bollywood- Folk & Fusion.

@Srishti different teachers who are expert in different Indian Dance styles will be taking classes on a quarterly/ half yearly basis .By learning Mixed style, you will be good in all  styles of Indian Classical dances like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchuppudi, Odissi & Mohiniyattam & Modern Indian dance styles like Semi classical- Fusion- Contemporary- Bollywood- Folk etc.

 Our aim is to enlighten our students with a mix of  Indian traditional  dance and modern dance styles. It offers our students an opportunity to express themselves,  to be physically active and healthy and, of course, an opportunity to learn how to choreograph their own  dancing ideas.

Our program is structured in a way that even a beginner & anyone who has a passion/interest for Indian Dance could achieve an excellent dancing skills in a short time. 

Our  Semi Classical performance was invited  for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji's Belgium Event 2016 &  got a great opportunity to present our Semi Classical Dance in front of our PM & 6000 people in such a big event.

Classes will be on Sundays @ Amstelveen. For more details please email us.

​​Learn Indian arts & perform with us..

          Srishti School of Indian Arts & Culture