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Indian Classical Music -Carnatic Music-Singing Lessons

 Classical Music is the base of all types of Indian Music!!

(For Adults & Kids)

Indian classical music is one of the oldest art forms of the world. Classical music of India is said to be one of the oldest unbroken musical traditions in the world.It is the art music of the Indian subcontinent which is both elaborate and expressive.The basis for Indian music is "Sangeet" which is a combination of three art forms: vocal music, instrumental music and dance, although these three art forms were originally derived from the  single field of stagecraft.The training in Classical Music will help everyone to understand & sing different types of Indian Music such as Film Songs, Bhajans, Folk Songs, Semi-classical songs etc..

                          Srishti's Indian Classical Music Ladies Band:

During Navrathri 2017, Srishti Team has introduced a new Indian Classical Music Ladies Band . We are on a mission to rejuvenate Indian Classical Music fans ,followers by giving them more feeling about Indian classical music hidden gems. We are adopting a Fusion Style which will be a mix of several Ragas to explore this goldmine. We are group of some young Indian Classical Music Fans  would like to nurture /explore more possibilities promote Indian Classical Music in Netherlands.

The singers are

  1. Mrs. Sruthy Appu(Founder/Instructor of Srishti School)
  2. Mrs. Vidhya Sudeep (Instructor @ Srishti)
  3. Mrs. Arathi Ganesh
  4. Mrs. Madhavi Nair