Srishti School of Indian Arts & Culture

​​Learn Indian arts & perform with us..

When & Where ?


       On Sundays @ Amstelveen Centrum

For more details contact us on 0615369341 or send us a mail.

Are your kids going to a Dutch School ?

              Do they have difficulty speaking fluent English ?

   Does it concerns you on your plans for movement back to India or to another country?

 English Course 

Our course is designed to offer kids the chance to start their English language learning in a relaxed, motivating and enjoyable manner.
The main intention of coaching is on the communicative use of language with particular focus on new vocabulary and the development of speaking and listening skills. 

Classes will be conducted by well qualified English Tutors. Course will follow Indian CBSE English language study materials.

Our motive is to groom our students with fluency and confidence in English, whatever their age and level.